DefendAPack®CLASSIC COMBO Backpack w/ Double Sided Bulletproof Vest Handgun Tested NIJ Level IIIA

Backpack Color

Lightweight | Most Popular Package |360 Degrees of Protection | All Age Appropriate | NIJ Level IIIA Protection

-  Lightweight and unassuming.

-  Best value for the money and most popular package,

-  Vest is hidden inside a regular looking backpack.

-  Perfect for all ages

-  Vest is deployed and on in less than 15 seconds

-  Backpack and Vest with TWO NIJ Level IIIA soft panels included for front and back protection.  Handgun Tested.

-  Weighs approx 4 lbs

The DefendAPack CLASSIC transforms from an unsuspecting trendy backpack, into a double plated (NIJ Approved), detachable, lightweight, ballistic vest, that can be securely fit in 15 seconds or less, by almost all ages and sizes.  The DefendAPack™ Vest and Backpack are both made from 1680 Ballistic Denier Nylon (the same as the World War II Army jackets).  

The DefendAPack CLASSIC includes one backpack, one vest and two NIJ approved Level IIIA panels.

This is our most versatile option.  Users remove the vest from a hidden panel in the back of the backpack.  Once the vest is on, the user is protected with panels in front and back and the ballistic nylon also offers projectile protection around the sides.  In addition, the user can shield the face with the remaining backpack to protect from flying projectiles with an additional plate insert (available for purchase), for further protection. 

The CLASSIC pack weighs 4.5 lbs so can be carried by anyone.  Additional NIJ Level IIIA and III Bulletproof Plates can be added to the DefendAPack Backpack, to offer further protection.  Each backpack comes with 2 liners.  One small to use when carrying the backpack and vest separately and one large to use when storing the vest behind the panel.

The unique Patented design allows for super quick deployment. During an emergency or Code Red drill, the DefendAPack Vest can be easily detached from the DefendAPack Backpack and put on in less than 10 Seconds!  Supplies sell out fast but you can still reserve your order.  Out of stock items generally ship within 45-60 days from date of purchase.




4.0-4.5 lbs

An additional NIJ Level IIIA plate (weighing approximately 1lb.) can be added into the backpack for further protection.

Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in
Vest Material

Both the Backpack and the Vest are made of 100% Ballistic Denier Nylon

Weapons Protected Against

Small Handguns, Low-Velocity Handguns, High-Velocity Handguns, High Powered Handguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Most Shotgun rounds including slugs and buckshot.

Not Protected Against:

Machine Guns, High-Powered Rifles, Assault Rifles


Size Large, Size Medium, Size Small


Chest: Up to 36″;Waist: 22″-30″; US Women’s Size 0-8; US Child’s size 7-14


Chest: 40″-44″; Waist 30″-36″; US Women’s Size 8-12; US Child’s size 14-16


Chest: 44″-48″; Waist: 36″-40″; US Women’s Size: 12-16


Black Backpack

Plate Dimensions Bulletproof Plates are 10”X12” and can be interchanged with different Levels of Protection.
Deploy Time
Approximately 15 seconds



Body armor is legal in all 50 states with ONLY the following three restrictions:

  1. Body Armor is illegal if you have been convicted of a violent felony.
  2. Body armor may not be shipped to a civilian in Connecticut. Body armor purchases in Connecticut are not allowed by Connecticut state regulations to occur over the internet; they MUST be made only through an in-person store purchase.
  3. Wearing body armor while committing a crime will increase penalties greatly. Body armor was not designed for nor intended for criminals!

You can purchase your DefendAPack Vest, Backpack and Plates online and take delivery in 49 of the 50 states. The one exception is Connecticut, which requires that you buy a bulletproof vest in person, not online for delivery. You can still own a bulletproof vest if you live in Connecticut, we just cannot ship armored plates or vests to Connecticut.

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