Patented Technology

The DefendAPack's Vest's patented design allows for 2 bulletproof plates in the front and the back
(US Patent # 62-650,073; Trademark U.S. Serial # 87-868,566; U.S Registration # 5,723,628)

About The Vest

The vest material of DefendAPack, is made of a 1680 Ballistic Denier Nylon (Same as the World War II Army jackets), that surround the entire torso, protecting against flying shrapnel from bullet fragments as well as bomb projectiles.

NIJ Certification

NIJ's police body armor is the only national standard for police body armor. Recognition and acceptance of the NIJ standard has grown worldwide, making it the performance benchmark for ballistic-resistant body armor.

The Bulletproof Plates

The bullet proof plates that range in weight (1.1lbs for NIJ Level IIIA(Kevlar), 3.3lbs for NIJ level III(PE). These plates are inserted in the front and back of the vest and are sized to be comfortable as well as concealable.

Totally Customizable

There is an option for an additional plate to be added inside the backpack unit, to serve as a face guard for further protection. And, DefendAPack, can be customized by size and levels of protection.

Inserting Bulletproof Plate

The bottom of the DefendAPack Vest is secured with industrial strength Velcro, to ensure that the plates will not move or come out of their pouch.

Putting on the Vest

The DefendAPack Backpack is also uniquely designed with detachable "pouch or cover" that can hold the Vest (unopened).

Attaching the Vest

Attaching the DefendAPack Vest to the Backpack is easy. There is also an option to add a Plate inside the backpack for further protection.

Are you ready to be totally protected?

DefendAPAck is the ONLY Bulletproof Vest and Backpack Combo that can be deployed in under 15 seconds! And is the lowest prices NIJ Level III solution on the market today!

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