DefendAPack Testimonials

Teacher gets DefendAPack as a gift from her husband.
Principal gets DefendAPack as a gift from one of her teachers
Principal wins a DefendAPack at School Safety Conference

From the CEO

CEO, Larry James, talks about the Birth of DefendAPack on his birthday, 2/14/18
DefendAPack Vests should be deployed in Schools, just as Life Vests are on Cruise Ships.
CEO, Larry James, shares how his DefendAPack Vision is both a blessing ...and a burden.

How To Use DefendAPack

Overview of DefendAPack's
360 degrees of safety!
We CAN do something to protect our kids at school!
DefendAPack - 360 Degrees of Safety in less than 15 seconds!
DefendAPack - can be packed and unpacked with a SNAP!
How to insert bullet proof plates in DefendAPack Vest
Putting on a DefendAPack Vest is easy and fast

AR-15 and 9 mm Handgun Ballistic Tests

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