Back to School Safety - Don't Ignore the Obvious

As schools across the nation are getting back to in-person learning, all are extremely focused on how to do so safely amid the Covid-19 global pandemic.  Desks are being socially distanced, movement patterns of students are being planned to keep kids as safe as possible, advanced cleaning techniques are being put in place, mask mandates are being enforced and classroom teaching is being re-imagined.

This strict health policy enforcement is very important, but with all the focus on health safety in schools, its entirely possible that school regulators are missing a glaringly obvious omission in their school safety protocols.

As a nation, the Covid-19 pandemic has most Americans in a perpetual state of depression and anxiety.  Job losses, virtual learning, health issues and more have created stress levels that most Americans are not used to.  Civil unrest is rampant and, to make matters worse, we are in an election year with one of the most polarizing campaigns ever seen.  People on both sides of the aisle are angrier than ever before, more than likely also compounded by all the issues the Covid-19 pandemic has put before us.  This recipe of tension is also a potential recipe for disaster.  As tensions rise, so does violence.  Given this, it has never been more important for us to be concerned about acts of violence (like active shooters) meeting the doorsteps of our schools.  

While schools are fighting to keep kids healthy, they are pushing millions of dollars away from normal safety protocols into now-needed health protocols.  The volume is being turned down on regular threats our students face and have faced in recent years.  Most notably, the threat of an active shooter happening in schools and the fact that, as tensions continue to rise, so does the threat of mass violence.

Here at DefendAPack, we believe all children deserve an educational environment free of both health hazards as well as violence.  With county budgets being strained by Covid-19 requirements to get back to school, some schools are taking their eye off the violence that could enter campuses at any time. 

We empower parents to provide their children with their own personal and portable protection should a mass-shooting situation ever occur.  Choose from a stand-alone backpack with a bulletproof panel insert or utilize our patented backpack/vest combo (the functional backpack has a hidden panel on the back that houses a full (2-side bulletproof protection) vest that can be removed from the backpack and put on in less than 15 seconds). 

You have to buy them a backpack anyway, why not choose one that could also save their life?




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