DefendAPack is a New Patented Safety Device!

DefendAPack Bulletproof Backpacks and Vests come in different sizes and levels of protection

Hiding Under Desks Does Not Work

Since 2014, 94.6% of schools conduct drills where children are trained to hide under a desk, or run for their lives. Is it working?

Keep them Safe

We Can Do More To Protect Our Children In School

Our children leave us every day to go to school, and we rely on the school's policy and training to keep them safe. But is it enough?

police-schools_resource officer

It's a Fact that Bulletproof Vests Save Lives

Shouldn't our children have access to the same level of protection as our School Resource Officers?

Transform Your Backpack Into Life-Saving Protection

The DefendAPack Bulletproof Vest is packed compactly on the back of the Backpack, and can be deployed in less than 15 seconds!

Graduating Should Be Our Children's Goals

Too many of our young adults have had to experience tragedy on their campuses due to easy access to guns and poor security.

Backpacks Can Be More Than Just A Fashion Statement

Whether you are a student, a parent, a business professional, an athlete, or a frequent traveler, DefendAPack can protect you in style.

Safety is Our #1 Priority!

DefendAPack is a patented-safety device, designed to keep our Children and Teachers Safe in Schools. Our goal is for DefendAPack Vests to become a national safety protocol standard for schools when practicing code-red and fire drills.

Together, we can all make a difference in saving lives and protecting as many people as possible from gun violence in our schools, places of worship, businesses, etc.

DefendAPack CEO,
Larry James, will be
a featured Speaker at the NextGen School Safety Conference, in Orlando. FL.
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 Please help me get as many DefendAPack Vests in as
many schools as possible!
We have applied for a FedEx grant, and as part of the grant, people VOTE for your business.
Thank you so much for helping us with our cause.

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Why DefendAPack... Why Now?

The US has more active shooter and domestic terrorist attacks than any other nation. In fact, they have become epidemic.

The Reality

Trademarked, Patent-Pending Technology

DefendAPack Vest has US Patent Application No. 62-650,073 and Approved Trademark U.S. Serial No. 87868566.

Our Technology

NIJ Available Certified Levels of Protection

All DefendAPack Vests are certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), and have passed an AR-15 and 9 MM Handgun ballistic tests.

Our Ballistic Tests

DefendAPack Vests and Backpacks

DefendAPack products can be customized by size and levels of protection (NIJ Levels IIIA & III), and are suitable for all ages and sizes.

Our Products

Product Specifications

Made of Ballistic Nylon

The DefendAPack Vest and Backpack material are both comprised of a 1680 Ballistic Denier Nylon (the same as the World War II Army jackets). It is designed to tightly surround the entire torso, protecting against flying shrapnel from bullet fragments as well as bomb projectiles.

NIJ Level IIIA Protection

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level IIIA will protect the wearer against at handguns, such as 9mm rounds and .40 caliber bullets, as well as .44Mag and .45Mag. However, Level IIIA will NOT protect against rifle fire or armor-piercing bullets from AR-15 or AK-47 type rifles or magazines.

NIJ Level III Protection

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level III will protect the wearer against at handguns, such as 9mm rounds and .40 caliber bullets, 44Mag and AR-15 style automatics, as well as machine guns, high-powered rifles and assault rifles such as AR-15 style automatic rifles and magazines.

Light Weight and Fast

DefendAPack transforms from an unsuspecting trendy backpack, into a double-plated (NIJ Approved), detachable, ballistic vest, that can be securely fitted in 15 seconds or less. The total weight of the Backpack with the Vests is between 3 and 8 lbs., depending on the level of protection.

Affordably Priced

Unlike other bulletproof vests, backpacks, or clothing which cost over $300 and typically only offer NIJ Level III A protection, DefendAPack is one of the lowest-cost solutions on the market (between $155-$295) and offers NIJ III - one of the highest levels of protection.

For Kids and Adults!

DefendAPack is not just for kids! According to, 45% of active shooter events happen at the workplace; and 25% happen at schools. So whether you're a student, teacher, faculty member, office professional, government employee, or active traveler, we have a solution to fit all sizes.

Customer Reviews

For Kids of all ages

"The other day, we had an unexpected fire drill. I put on my DefendAPack Vest and felt completely protected!"

For Adults

"I love my DefendAPack Vest. If an active shooter situation does happen, I know I will feel safer."

Two High School Students share their feelings about being protected by DefendAPack Bulletproof Vests.

Don't Miss A Single Product Update from DefendAPack!

DefendAPack Level III and IIIA Bulletproof Vests

About Us

DefendAPack is a family-owned, private company, with a mission to protect as many people as possible from active shooter situations and other gun-related violence.

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My daughter was, and IS, my inspiration for DefendAPack Backpack and Vests. To learn more about us, and how we came to be, click here.

This quick video will show you why every child should have access to a DefendAPack Vest in School.

This quick video demonstrates how the DefendAPack Vest fits in the back of the DefendAPack Backpack.