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DefendAPack is a patented-safety device, designed to keep our Children and Teachers Safe in Schools. Our goal is for DefendAPack Vests to become a national safety protocol standard
for schools when practicing code-red and fire drills.

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School Principal Gets a DefendAPack as a gift from one of her teachers!

Quality Control & NIJ Levels of Certification

DefendApackTM Bulletproof Vests have undergone rigorous ballistic testing. During our QA and Control process, our fiber manufacturer tests the fiber and yarn tensile strength, and the fabric weavers test the tensile strength of the resultant cloth. Nonwoven Spectra is also tested for tensile strength by the manufacturer.

Additionally, our Vest and Plate manufacturers have tested both the NIJ Level IIIA and III Plates for strength, and production quality control.

Finally, DefendAPackTM used an independent third party, professional sharpshooter, to shoot a 9mm, AR-15 and AK-47 at the Vests on a dummy.

To learn review our ballistic tests and documents, click here.

Patented, Trademarked Technology

The DefendAPackTM Vest is made of a 1680 Ballistic Denier Nylon and surrounds the entire torso, protecting it against flying shrapnel from bullet fragments as well as bomb projectiles.

The vest can be used with our interchangeable, concealable NIJ certified bulletproof plates, which range in weight from 1.1lbs for NIJ Level IIIA (Kevlar) to 3.3lbs for NIJ level III (PE). For our BASIC Pack, the single plate is attached via Velcro to the back, and is concealed under our patented, hidden panel.

The DefendAPack Vest has a US Patent # 62-650,073; a US Trademark Serial # 87-868,566; and U.S Registration # 5,723,628

To learn more about our BASIC, CLASSIC and PREMIUM DefendAPack, Patented Safety Devices, click here

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Levels of Protection

Protective vests for law enforcement officers, armed services and other personal/corporate security industries include ballistic-resistant and stab-resistant body armor that provides coverage and protection primarily for the torso. Different kinds of armor protect officers against different kinds of threats. 

Ballistic-resistant body armor protects against bullet penetrations and the blunt trauma associated with bullet impacts. These vests include soft body armor that protects against handgun bullets and less flexible tactical armor composed of soft and hard components that protect against rifle bullets. Stab-resistant body armor protects against knives and spikes.

To learn more about NIJ Specifications for Body Armor, click here

Product Specifications

Made of Ballistic Nylon

The DefendAPack Vest and Backpack material are both comprised of a 1680 Ballistic Denier Nylon (the same as the World War II Army jackets). It is designed to tightly surround the entire torso, protecting against flying shrapnel from bullet fragments as well as bomb projectiles.

NIJ Level IIIA Protection

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level IIIA will protect the wearer against at handguns, such as 9mm rounds and .40 caliber bullets, as well as .44Mag and .45Mag. However, Level IIIA will NOT protect against rifle fire or armor-piercing bullets from AR-15 or AK-47 type rifles or magazines.

NIJ Level III Protection

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level III will protect the wearer against at handguns, such as 9mm rounds and .40 caliber bullets, 44Mag and AR-15 style automatics, as well as machine guns, high-powered rifles and assault rifles such as AR-15 style automatic rifles and magazines.

Light Weight and Fast

DefendAPack transforms from an unsuspecting trendy backpack, into a double-plated (NIJ Approved), detachable, ballistic vest, that can be securely fitted in 15 seconds or less. The total weight of the Backpack with the Vests is between 3 and 8 lbs., depending on the level of protection.

Affordably Priced

Unlike other bulletproof vests, backpacks, or clothing which cost over $300 and typically only offer NIJ Level II protection, DefendAPack offers NIJ Level IIA and III, and is one of the lowest-cost solutions on the market (between $99-$299) - depending on level of protection.

For Kids and Adults!

DefendAPack is not just for kids! According to ActiveShooterData.org, 45% of active shooter events happen at the workplace; and 25% happen at schools. So whether you're a student, teacher, faculty member, office professional, government employee, or active traveler, we have a solution to fit all sizes.

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DefendAPack Level III and IIIA Bulletproof Vests


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DefendAPack is a family-owned, private company, with a mission to protect as many people as possible from active shooter situations and other gun-related violence.

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