What our supporters have to say about DefendAPack®

Amazing product, quickly deployable, reliable and easy to use.

Khiry B. - Somerville, NJ

I appreciate the back pack and have distributed the cards and shared my great experience with everyone I speak to. Enjoyed my conversation with you and look forward to my purchase of another great DefendAPack product.
Really appreciate your additional gift, I will not forget your generosity.

Rick W. - WPB, FL

Love what you have done with the backpack.  I have a 13-year old daughter who walks to the bus stop with one of her friends and is in public school in the Orlando, FL burbs.  Everyday I ask God to get her safely to the bus and safe at school and back.

Ed J. - Windermere, Florida

Wonderful design! Now we can feel a little safer when we send our children to school or when they go out of the house. Highly recommend getting 2 or 3!

Jay T. - Lake Worth, FL

I think this is such a GREAT IDEA! As parents we have to do something to keep our kids safe NOW! Thank you Defendapack for coming up with a solution we can feel safer with.

Kat F. - Struthers, OH

✿✿ A Founding Father, Dr. Benjamin Franklin prescience on prevention was spot on! "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Defendapack provides the most viable solution to help prevent students and teachers from being fatally wounded in a [horrific-to-even-consider], current day possibility of an active shooter in school or anywhere else.

Love protects and provides cover from harm.

To me, Defendapack is one of the most caring and responsible acts of love that can be expressed. #DefendapackGear #ItsPersonal #ValULifeMore ✿✿

Val M. - Savannah GA

Thank you. For being an awesome parent, realizing that society has come to this but for also not depending on the actions of others to keep your child safe. 

Gred D. - Auburn, NY

So sad it has come to this but great idea!

Chris W. - Jupiter, FL

It is imperative that we approach gun violence in our schools with proactive, preventive and especially protective solutions.

Defendapack Gear is a viable answer that addresses the principle issue, our children and teachers deserve action now! #ItsPersonal #TheyMatter #ValULifeMore #KeepShining

Val M. - Savannah, GA

Much better idea then teachers with guns.

Jennifer C. - West Palm Beach, FL

Excellent job keeping children safe in case of danger!

Matthew B. - West Palm Beach, FL

Sad to say but they should be on the supply list.

Isabel M. - Aurora Hills, CO

Sadly this has been needed.

Rose W. - Boswell, OK

Well this is a fantastic idea!

Adrienne J. - Key West, FL

Thank you for doing what you can to offer protection to our kids. 💗

Leighanna M. - Melbourne, FL

So sad but what a great idea.

Jessica N. - Miami, FL

If my kids were little I would absolutely buy this. 😱

Vivian G. - Miami Lakes, FL

I don't go to school but I want one this Is a great idea!  I always have a back pack on.

Charles M. - Terryville, CT

Yep buying some for my kids... all these crazy kids running around shooting up schools.. got to have the kiddos prepared with something.

Roxana R. - Miami, FL

The schools should be supplying this for all.

Patricia S. - Tamarac, FL

Very smart.

Ralph M. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Good idea - that back pack will save our kids 👍

Berry D. - Miami, FL

Great Idea every school should have those mandatory. Parents needs to invest on this for their children. ASAP !!

Yvonne G. - Miami, FL

I give this man credit. At least he’s trying to do something to give our kids some protection. How sad that we’ve even come to this point.

Patricia K. - Pembroke Pines, FL

Actually a very good idea for everyone!

Schober S. - Miami, FL

Not gonna lie, I kinda want one.

Gavin R. - Miami, FL

Amazing, too bad it has come to this.

Pam F. - Ft. Pierce, FL

At least the kids have a chance to survive being shot during those moments before police arrive....we want our kids protected as much as possible.

Jozie B. - Miami, FL

Gives someone the ability to FEEL READY TO STAY SAFE in the event of a change in circumstances beyond their control.

Judy V. - Delray, FL

I cannot think of a better way to give schools, faculty, to parents and other students...the opportunity to just have that reassurance.

Ms. Tyson, Principal - Florida NextGen School Safety Conference

This is something great that I can take back for my students.This is a great solution!  

Teacher - Florida NextGen School Safety Conference

With DefendAPack, I can protect my students and that's my goal!

Teacher - Florida NextGen School Safety Conference

Awesomely great for everyone to have.

Jeanene B. - Chicago, IL

These are a great idea.  Best of luck and god bless.  

Vickie C. - Richmond, VA

Every child and adult should be safe in schools and work!  Here's to a five star rating keep passing it on!

Vickie B. - Delray, FL

I feel so much better knowing my kids now have DefendAPack to help keep them safe in this crazy world!

Shay M. - West Palm Beach, FL