Protections for Travelers

NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT! ~ The DefendAPack® Bulletproof Series of Protection

  • Ever consider the threats you face entering and exiting airports and airplanes on a regular basis?
  • Bulletproof protection for quick reaction to an active shooter situation.
  • Be protected so you can Run, Hide, Fight!
  • Keep a Vest On or Pack up a backpack to use as a GO Bag
  • 100% Airport Metal Detector Friendly for No-Hassle Protection
  • Chose Handgun Tested Protection or
  • Choose Assault Rifle Tested Protection
  • Backpacks and Vests Made of Fire-Resistant Ballistic Nylon
  • 360° of Protection & Safety in under 15 seconds


Keep a Vest Under or Over Your Clothes


Combo Packs for Easy On-the-Go Protection


Everyone Deserves Protection